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The Friendly Frets resource page is a growing collection of videos from my youtube channel along with the downloadable PDF files that accompany each of my channel videos.  Please also see several posts that I have written to help new students get all set up for learning and playing music. 


Posts I've written

Picture of girl practicing her acoustic guitar outside

5 words for parents on supporting their child’s practice

Parents. Are you losing patience with practice? Here is a brief 5 word guide on supporting your child’s motivation and efforts towards practicing music. You will be given an opportunity to think about your child’s practice efforts through 5 simple words: perspective, accommodation, presence, resistance, and growth.

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Rows of electric guitars in music store. Friendly Frets, Everett WA 98208. Electric guitar buying guide for beginners.

Electric Guitar Buying Guide for Beginners

Are you looking to buy your first electric guitar? This buying guide can help you narrow your search criteria, provide recommendations, and outline a buying approach that is aimed at saving you money and feel good about your overall consumer experience.

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row of acoustic guitars

Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide for Beginners

Here is a acoustic guitar buying guide for beginners. I enjoy helping new students and their families find an affordable acoustic guitar that is user friendly for students just starting out. In this article I will share my process, recommendations, and additional resources to help you towards purchasing your first acoustic guitar

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You Tube Channel

Youtube Channel Video PDF File Downloads

"Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - Wild Battle Theme" Slap Bass TAB Transcription

Starter Guide for Online Lessons

"Psycho Killer Bass" Tab/Backing Tracks

"She Loves You" Tab/Backing Tracks

"She Loves You" Tab/Backing Tracks


"My Sharona" Tab/Backing Tracks

"Under My thumb" Tab/Backing Tracks

"Radar Love" Tab/Backing Tracks"

Riptide Video Handouts

Aguado Video Handouts

Beginning Guitar practice routine

"Tune Up" Chord Melody

"Lady Bird" Chord Melody

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