Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons – Everett WA

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Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons – Everett WA

Register for Lessons

Thank you for taking the time to register for lessons!  

Please contact me if you any questions.  I’m happy to help.

Important Info:

  • I require a completed registration form and initialed/signed policy documents prior to starting lessons.

Registration Process:

1) Download Lesson Policies

Please download one of the following sets of lesson policies: 

2) complete these sections in the form below

  1. Student Info:  Please provide information about yourself or your student.
  2. Interests/Goals:  This information will equip me to support your intended goals and experience with lessons.
  3. Preferences:  Please provide your preferences regarding communication, scheduling, and tuition.
  4. Policy Documents:  Please review, sign/initial, and upload the requested policy documents.
  5. Hit Send to submit your completed registration form.  

Registration Form

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