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New Students: Register for lessons and Save 20% off of your first tuition order*

*The following conditions apply: 
Tuition order may be online or in-person.  Discount applies to new students only. Limited to one discount per student.  $110.00 Maximum Discount. May not be used with gift-certificates received from a charitable fundraising event. Expires 5/1/20.

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Parents, If your student is under age 18 please complete the following steps: 

  • Download the Parent Consent Form
  • Please read the form and provide your name, signature and date.  You may do that electronically by following these steps.  You may also print this form, sign/date it, and then scan the document via printer or snapping a picture of it with your phone.  
  • Upload a Signed PDF or JPG of the Parent Consent in the form below.  Or email it as an attachment to

Thanks for your interest in lessons! I will reply back to you in the next business day!

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