Online Lessons


Take Lessons in the comfort and safety of home!

Benefits of Online lessons

  • Reducing possible exposure to the Covid virus.
  • A lessons experience that is free from driving in busy traffic.
  • Online lessons save time and allow students to fit lessons efficiently within a busy work and school week.
  • Save Money:  My online lesson rates are $5 less than my in-studio rates. 

Zoom Conferencing App

As a teacher, I’ve been very impressed with Zoom conferencing. Overall, the video connection is quite reliable and has a quality that surpasses some of the other video platforms I’ve tried in the past for teaching online. Zoom has also made great efforts to make their products very user friendly and intuitive so that you don’t have to invest too much time learning how to use the app.

If you feel technically challenged don’t worry. It took me a while to get started with online lessons. The concept hurt my head but through practice and use it’s possible to get comfortable with the technology through practice and use. Let me help you get started.

Getting Started With Online Lessons:

  1. Register for lessons and indicate your preference for online lessons.
  2. Please read the Friendly Fret’s Lesson Policy and return a signed PDF of the Parent Consent Form prior our first lesson if lessons are for a student who is under the age of 18. 
  3. Please download my Zoom Conferencing Starter Guide.  This quick guide will give you a general overview of how you can get set up with Zoom.  
  4. Download the Zoom app that is compatible with your device and operating system.You may do so Here.
  5. Contact me to set up a free 15 minute online session where we can test online connectivity, work out any technical bugs, discuss your goals, and schedule your first lesson.
  6. Once we have scheduled your first lesson I will invoice you via Pay Pal.  You may also manage payment via Venmo (be sure to let me know your preference).  Take care of lesson tuition prior to your scheduled lesson.
  7. On your first lesson:  I will email you the link for the zoom online meeting 5 minutes prior to your lesson.  Please plan on being online, with your guitar (plugged into an amp if electric) a few minutes prior to your lesson.
  8. Following your lesson I will share all lesson handouts, media, and weekly objectives in your designated Google Drive folder. I will try to get these out to students within the same day of the lesson.

Online Lesson Policies


  • $60 – Hour Lesson
  • $45 – 45 minute Lesson
  • $30 – 30 minute Lesson

Please see my Tuition and Lesson Policy pages for information on how I handle tuition at Friendly-Frets. 

Students Under the age of 10

I require that parent’s remain present with younger children (ages 7-10) through the duration of the lesson.  Parent’s may be present on-screen or off-screen and in the same room as their student.  I have found that younger students get much more out of their online lesson when their parent is with them.  They are more likely to remain focused and stay engaged during the entire lesson.  Plus, parents can quickly detect and mitigate any technical issues that might arise from their device or the Zoom platform.  

Parental Consent

For students under the age of 18:  I require a signed Parent Consent Form prior to lessons granting me permission to communicate with your child online.  I also require that a parent or guardian be present nearby while a student meets with me online.  This will give them the benefit of being apprised of what their student is learning and also provide timely technical assistance as needed. 

Scheduling Lessons

All Lessons Are Scheduled According To Pacific Standard Time.  It is the responsibility of students/parents to take this into account when setting up a lesson time.

Cancellations/No-Show Policy:

As similar to my local lessons:  I will not reschedule a lesson that has been missed or cancelled without 24 hours prior notice.

Connectivity Issues:

If a lesson is interrupted due to connection issues I will attempt to resolve it and continue.  If we cannot restore a connection we will set up a new lesson time to make up remaining time that went unused. 

Zoom Conferencing Info Links

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