Lessons at Friendly-Frets

Here are some Quick Facts about Lessons

Instruments I Teach

I offer lessons on the following instruments:

Students I Teach

Lessons are available for students age 7 to adults. Many of my students are beginners. I also have experience working with intermediate and advanced level students.

Lesson Format

Lessons private and structured for individual students.
Students may meet with me in-person or online.

Lesson Content

Lesson Topics


Gordon helps beginning students establish good habits with their hand placement and playing posture.

Reading Music

Students are given weekly opportunities to read various musical notation formats that apply to fretted instruments.

Applied Music Theory

Gordon looks for teachable moments to point out music theory concepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm as they occur in student songs.  .

Learning Songs

Gordon easily adapts his instruction around the chosen songs of his students.

Learning Outcomes

Potential Skills you could develop from Lessons:

  • Being proficient with chords of all shapes and sizes when playing songs.
  • Ear-Training - Attaching relevant information to what you hear.
  • Soloing/Improvisation - Learning how to play lead guitar.
  • Developing proficiency with rhythm and strumming so you can play music with others.
  • Understanding Song components and common music forms
  • Isolating components of a particular music genre
  • Becoming your own teacher by developing the ability to teaching yourself new songs.

Music I Teach

Please watch my Youtube video that shares the many music styles I have taught and performed.

Scheduling Lessons

Lessons are schedule by appointment by providing your information on my registration page or by contacting me by phone or my contact page.

Days & Times I Teach

I offer lessons Tuesdays through Friday, 9am - 6pm from September through June.
In the Summer (July - August) I offer lessons Tuesdays through Thursday.
Most of my students meet with me weekly or bi-weekly on a reoccurring basis.
Many of my adult students meet with me on an intermittent basis.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

45-Minute Lesson = $52
60-Minute Lesson = $67
Please read my Lesson Tuition Policy for more info.

Start Lessons

To begin lessons please Contact Me or visit my Register for Lessons page!


Please Contact Me or visit my FAQ page!

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