Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons – Everett WA

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Guitar Bass and Ukulele Lessons – Everett WA

Lesson Info

Info, Facts, and Features about lessons!

Instruments I Teach

I offer lessons on the following instruments:
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass

Students I Teach

Lessons are available for students age 7 to adults. Many of my students are beginners. I also have experience working with intermediate and advanced level students.

Lesson Format

Lessons are private and structured to accommodate one student per lesson.
Time Frame: I offer both 45-minute and 60-minute lessons.
Students may meet with me in-person or online.
Most of my students meet with me weekly or bi-weekly on a reoccurring basis.
Many of my adult students meet with me on an intermittent basis.

Days & Times I Teach

Tuesdays through Friday, 9am - 5pm*
*Lesson times subject to change according to availability.


Lessons are scheduled by appointment by providing your information on my registration page or by contacting me by phone, or through my contact page.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

45-Minute Lesson = $67
60-Minute Lesson = $82
Please read my Lesson Tuition Policy for more info.

Getting Started

To begin lessons please Contact Me or visit my Register for Lessons page!

Teaching Approach

Beginning Students: I have crafted a lesson curriculum that follows an intentional learning pathway focused on helping students build a firm foundation of skills, knowledge, and proper technique. Within this structure there is still plenty of room for flexibility to accommodate the pacing, learning style, and interests of each of my students.
Intermediate/Advanced Students: Lesson are often topic driven and related to cultivating specific skills, addressing issues, investigating a particular music concept or music genre.

Lesson Materials

Students will utilize curated lesson handouts and media curated from Gordon's curriculum in conjunction with chosen method books.

Topics of Instruction

  • Fretboard Knowledge

    I help students learn how music information is organized on their chosen instrument. This also includes memorizing the locations of key notes on the fretboard that are most frequently used with chords, scales, or songs.

  • Reading Music

    Students will learn how to read musical information presented in both tablature and standard notation formats.

  • Technique

    I will work with students on developing good posture and proper technique intended to help you learn most efficiently and avoid injury.

  • Applied Music Theory

    Key music theory concepts will be initially introduced and then later “brought to life” when students are given many opportunities to identify and then apply those concepts through short music examples and songs.

  • Learning Songs

    Students will have weekly opportunities to work on songs that are related to specific skills or concepts closely aligned with their learning pathway. I have a huge collection of songs which provides flexibility and choice in order keep learning fun and engaging. Additionally, I chose songs that will challenge students skills and help to broaden experience with different music genres and styles.

Music I Teach

Please watch my Youtube video "Music I Teach" that covers the wide array of music styles I have taught students.


Please Contact Me or visit my FAQ page!

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