Lesson Policy

Please Download My Lesson Policy Here.

Please Download Parent Consent Form Here.

Online Lessons via Zoom
  • $30 – 30 Minute Lesson
  • $50 – 45 Minute Lesson
  • $60 – 60 Minute Lesson

Tuition must be received prior to day/time of scheduled instruction.

Payment options:  Pay via PayPal/Venmo

In-Studio Lessons (not currently available)
  • $35 – 30 Minute Lesson
  • $50 – 45 Minute Lesson
  • $65 – 60 Minute Lesson

Tuition must be received before or at the first lesson.

Payment Options:  Personal Check, Cash, or Online via Pay Pal/Venmo

Weekly lessons: 

We will meet on the same day/time each week.  Tuition paid monthly on the first lesson of each month for the number of weeks scheduled.  Most of my students meet with me for a 30 minute lesson weekly.  

Individual 45 or 60 minute lessons: 

To be scheduled intermittently based upon availability of myself and the student. 

Available lesson times are provided on a “first-come – first served” basis.

Parents/students are responsible for notifying me of a cancellation.  Students may pro-rate or re-schedule lessons in the event of a known/planned scheduling conflict at the beginning of the month.

I do not provide refunds for missed or cancelled lessons. However, a make-up lesson may be scheduled in the event of a student illness, family emergency, or 24-hour notification of a scheduling conflict.

Unless a student wishes to meet online, we will cancel lessons in the event of a snow day or power-outage.  Students have the option of scheduling a make-up day or receiving lesson credit.

  • I require that parent or trusted adult (18 or older) accompany their student and be present with them during their lesson at my studio.
  • I also require that a parent/guardian provide an email so that I can include them in all online communication via email and Google Docs.

Privacy Policy

I do not share the names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses of students nor parents with others, except as may be required by law.  I use this information solely for the purposes of student and parent contact and ongoing communication pertaining to lessons only.

I do not control user information that is used by third party websites, apps, or online digital platforms (such as Zoom, Google, Youtube etc.) that may be involved with online lesson activities.  I highly recommend that you consult their websites for pertinent information and details regarding their privacy practices and how they handle your personal information before you use their services. 

My services may contain links that I share with students/parents for educational purposes, study, or information related to their lessons.  I do not control nor am responsible for these website’s privacy practices, services, or use of information.  

This privacy policy does not apply to third party websites or services linked to Friendly Frets Guitar Instruction.  

Online Lesson Videos:  I do record online lessons for the benefit of student review and practice between lessons.  I do not share video footage of lessons except with students and their parents.  

Please Note:  I encourage parents and students to read the privacy statements of each and every website and service you visit before consenting to provide your personal information. 

Online Lesson Policies

Students Under Age 10:  I require that parent’s remain present with younger children (ages 7-10) through the duration of the lesson.  Parent’s may be present on-screen or off-screen and in the same room as their student.  I have found that younger students get much more out of their online lesson when their parent is with them.  They are more likely to remain focused and stay engaged during the entire lesson.  Plus, parents can quickly detect and mitigate any technical issues that might arise from their device or the Zoom platform.  

Parent consent required for students under the age of 18:  I require a signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form prior to lessons granting me permission to communicate with your child online.  I also require that a parent or guardian be present nearby while a student meets with me online. 

All lessons are scheduled according to Pacific Standard Time.  It is the responsibility of students/parents to take this into account when setting up a lesson time. 

Cancellations/No-Show Policy:  As similar to my local lessons: I will not reschedule a lesson that has been missed or cancelled without 24 hours prior notice.

Connectivity Issues:  If a lesson is interrupted due to connection issues I will attempt to resolve it and continue.  If we cannot restore a connection we will set up a new lesson time to make up remaining time that went unused. 

I expect students to practice an average of 30 minutes a day/5 days a week between their weekly lessons.  Younger students (between ages 6-9) may break this up into smaller time intervals as needed.  

  • On a regular basis I will ask students what they have worked on between lessons and encourage students to put in enough time for lessons.  
  • I expect the student and their families to take joint ownership towards following through on weekly practice.  
  • For some families keeping a record of daily practice time has proven to be an effective gauge for determining student progress.  
  • I am always willing to work with families on finding an approach to practice that is good fit for their student’s unique learning style and approach towards learning

Here are few things that the students/families will need for guitar lessons. Contact me if you have questions or need recommendations.

  • Students will provide their own guitar.  
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar strap
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Music Stand
  • (Optional) A 3-ring binder or folder used to keep lesson handouts.
  • Access to a computer during the week. 
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