Gordon Tibbits

Gordon Tibbits is the instructor and owner of Friendly Frets located in Everett, WA 98208. Gordon offers lessons on guitar, bass, and ukulele to kids, teens, and adults. He also performs in local bands as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist.

Picture of girl practicing her acoustic guitar outside

5 words for parents on supporting their child’s practice

Parents. Are you losing patience with practice? Here is a brief 5 word guide on supporting your child’s motivation and efforts towards practicing music. You will be given an opportunity to think about your child’s practice efforts through 5 simple words: perspective, accommodation, presence, resistance, and growth. Additional online, book, and app resources will be shared so that you have a very deep tool box for helping your child catch the habit of consistent practice.

2020 Vision - Friendly frets guide to crafting your musical future

2020 Vision – Friendly frets guide to crafting your musical future

Welcome to 2020! This is a great time to reflect back on this past year and reflect on how we want to be involved with our creative and musical pursuits.
Do you have a 2020 vision for how you want to engage with music and grow your musical skills? Have you been thinking about how you would like to participate in making music in your community for this coming year? Formulating your goals and resolutions for this coming year doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. It actually can be a very healthy and productive endeavor. This guide consists of a 4 part series with worksheets that are designed to help you chart your personalized vision and goals for 2020 and beyond!