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If you're asking, ``where can I find guitar lessons near me?``

The solution might be found right in your own neighborhood... Or at least close by.

Friendly Frets is the guitar studio of Gordon Tibbits, offering guitar lessons to kids, starting at age 7, and adults even older than 57.  Beginners welcome!

Whether it’s electric rock, acoustic folk, or blues bass, Gordon can help you reach your goals.   He offers a teaching approach that is structured, yet flexible enough to accommodate each student’s unique collective interests, desired outcome, and learning approach.

Studying a new instrument always introduces a challenge.  Gordon provides his students with applicable tools and concepts necessary for learning a fretted instrument.  But in order to ensure success, he also offers patience, encouragement, and coaching that will help support his students and nudge them towards reaching their goals.  

Friendly Frets is located at 5030 116th PL SE, Everett WA.  The studio location offers back road commuting access from the communities of Mill Creek, Silver Firs, Silver Lake, Snohomish, and Bothell.

Contact Gordon so you can begin building new skills and start playing the songs that you love.  As you have time visit this page to learn more about Gordon’s credentials and how he structures lessons.  

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Reviews from Students and Parents

Gordon is an excellent instructor; all of the superlatives that get heaped onto everybody’s favorite instructor definitely apply to him as well. However, where he really shines is in taking input from you as to what kind of guitar player you’d like to be, figuring out where your skills are, and then building the roadmap/plan to get you from here to there. Of course he knows all of the theory, is an amazing player, will happily correct your bad habits and help your technique along, and has way more patience than mortals are supposed to possess, etc etc — but the part where so many others fall short (making a personalized roadmap to becoming the kind of guitarist that you want to be) is where he excels. Not only is he great with adults, but he’s great with kids, too (my son has also been taking lessons from him for the past year+), and providing enough ‘fun-for-them’ content to keep them interested. I’d happily recommend him as not just an instructor, but a Teacher-with-a-capital-T to anyone, regardless of their current skill level.

Jeff Hazen

“I came to Gordon as an adult student who was struggling to learn to play guitar.  He was very patient with me and made learning fun, easy, and understandable!  I had specific goals and he was very good at understanding those goals and helping me achieve those goals and much more.  I now play over 200 songs confidently!”


“After talking with Gordon about my 19 year old son who has autism and his interest in playing the electric guitar, he welcomed the opportunity.  From the start, he made my son feel at ease as he was able to tap into his strengths as well as challenge him in a kind and considerate way. Jacob is having a wonderful time learning and Gordon has been an exceptional instructor!”

Rebecca and Jacob Houghton

“Our son has been taking lessons with Gordon for the last few years and we’ve seen huge growth in his ability. Gordon adapts the lessons to whatever Tyler is interested in at the moment and is always willing to try new things. When Gordon moved to his new place we were more than happy to follow him even though it was farther away because we knew we wouldn’t find the same experience other places. We appreciate all the work Gordon does to make lessons fun and enjoyable for our son.”

Jace and Shannon McMaster

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